Our community is everything. Amazebowls is committed to helping your efforts towards making the world a better place. Being in a city filled with so much heart and creativity, we have no doubt that you have some amazing projects we can get behind.

Option 1: "Do Good Word"

Want to keep things centralized at our truck? Let’s set up a date where a percentage of sales go towards your cause when someone mentions a specific ‘password’. For our USC community, your fundraising organization will choose a "do good word." For every customer that says the "do good word" with their purchase at the food truck, your organization will receive a percentage of our net sales. 


If you select this option, please let us know the following in the form below:

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Date of Fundraiser *
Date of Fundraiser
Ex: 2pm - 4pm
Usually a word or a phrase will do!

Option 2: Sell On Your Own

Looking to be a little more hands-on?  We’ll help you set up an acai bowl stand (lemonade is so ‘90s)  to sell a selection of our menu in a satellite location of your choice.We also offer an alternative fundraising opportunity in which you would purchase a certain number of bowls at a reduced cost, and on the day of the fundraiser we would set up a cart for you to sell them from at your own price. 

  • Regular Amazebowls: $4.50 ea.
  • Mini Amazebowls: $3 ea.
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Event Date *
Event Date
Time of Delivery
Time of Delivery
Ex: 50 Minis, 20 Regulars