Our Newest Location: Pasadena!

Today, we’re taking a moment to share a little bit about our entrepreneurial journey.

Behind our visually colorful and effortlessly fun Instagram feed is a small but mighty team who’ve faced many challenges during our six-year journey and learned lots of important lessons along the way.

From sourcing the right ingredients and figuring out what nutritional stance we want to take, to determining what kind of company we want to become, we realized that our ultimate vision is to engage, educate, and empower people, families, and communities to live healthy and balanced lives. At the end of the day, we want to serve clean, good products the right way to our community.

This year, we’re partnering with the right people to further realize this vision – and we picked Kitchen United.  

We’re pleased to officially announce our collaboration with Kitchen United based in Pasadena, CA! We’re looking forward to bringing Amazebowls to you where YOU are and taking our mission to the next level.


Why We Chose Kitchen United

  • Kitchen United provides top notch kitchen facilities, which will allow us to grow our product line and let our culinary creativity and innovation thrive. Monthly specials, anyone?

  • Our partnership with Kitchen United will help us become a more sustainable food company – think fully made-in-house granola, nut milks, and other delicious and nutritious eats.

  • Our new location will help us cater to more families and kids – and we believe that Pasadena is a great community to start this journey.

  • Kitchen United is on a mission bring quality food delivery service into the future – and we’ll be right there with them. We’re all about finding ways to make healthy eating more accessible to everyone, and we’re excited to bring more of our bowls right to your doorstep.

Follow us for more exciting Kitchen United promos and happenings in the coming weeks! Can’t wait to get your Amazebowls fix in the meantime? Come visit us at Kitchen United this week from 1/16 - 1/18 between 10am - 5pm and meet our team! We’ll let you taste the newest granola you’ve been working on and show you all the wonderful reasons we’ve decided to make Kitchen United our new home.


Amazebowls at Kitchen United
Address: 55 S Madison Ave, Pasadena, CA 91101
Hours: Monday - Sunday 11am - 6pm
Parking: Street or Lot (Behind Kitchen United)

For Pick Up Orders: Enter our parking garage from Oakland Street between Green and Colorado, and look for spots designated for “Kitchen United.” Free parking (with validation) for up to 20 minutes!

Our 2018 Year In Review

These last few weeks, our team has been flooded with things that signal the end of another year: holiday party invitations, final catering requests, saying goodbye to Venice, year-end close-outs, and thoughts of “so… how did we do in 2018?”

But how do you measure a year? Major life events? Places traveled, connections made, or goals accomplished? We love the idea of quantifying a year – and it truly makes us happy whenever we read a year-end update filled with measurable victories. Yet, we’ve realized that the most important metric, in our opinion, is hardest to quantify: like how much personal growth one experiences running a small company. What lessons we’ve learned. What made us laugh or cry. What our decisions said (or didn’t say) about us. These are harder to measure, of course.

As a company, we promised ourselves to push the boundaries of transparency. Keeping to this promise, we’d like to share an honest look of our year – and we hope that you’ll get to know more about who we are, too.

What were our biggest highlights of 2018?


There were definitely a lot of high-key moments this year – from all the amazing, like-minded brands we’ve worked with to all the fun and exciting events we’ve had the privilege of participating in. We’ve also expanded our reach into farmers markets (hello, Studio City Farmers Market!), and in the process, sourced our fruit directly from the local farmers.

In 2018, we grew our Amazebowls family and hired some new team members, including our first few interns (who were amazing!). We also focused on celebrating our team’s successes (prize wheel, anyone?), and ensured that we all did our part in building the kind of company we wanted to be – for each other and for our community. There’s nothing quite like finding the right people to be on mission with.

What were some big lessons we’ve learned this past year?

We learned to not be afraid to step out of comfort zone. This year, we tried venturing out into the unknown, and seized opportunities that weren’t very “intuitive.” We offered our products to different customer demographics and were pleasantly surprised by the enthusiastic reception every time. Our team also pushed its limits operationally, without sacrificing quality of ingredients or process. As a small business that is focused on making fresh product to order, doing outdoor events can be quite challenging… and the fact we were able to successfully serve 600 bowls at Revolve Festival and Complex Con, and 2,500 bowls at Lightning in a Bottle (INSANE!) encourages us to push for expansion in 2019 (could we be coming to YOU soon? ;-)).


No matter what’s happening around us, always find time to innovate. Although our passion is to promote our mission through our creative bowls and menu, we found ourselves letting innovation take a back seat at times. In 2019, we’re not letting anything stop us from creating products and experiences we wholeheartedly believe in – and that you’ll absolutely love, too.


Prioritize community. We ultimately envision a company that aims to engage, educate, and empower people, families, and communities to live healthy and balanced lives. This isn’t only lived out through our healthy products, but also in our partnership and alignment with others who are striving for the same values and ideals. We might not always get everything right, but at the end of the day, we will always strive to put people first.

What are we looking forward to the most in 2019?

The question that makes us think about the future. In many ways, planning for 2019 has already been underway, and we’ve been working hard behind the scenes to bring Amazebowls to, well, the future (we can’t wait to share everything with you soon!). Here’s a sneak peak of what we’re looking forward to the most:

  • Being a fully sustainable food company that makes everything from scratch

  • Furthering our production of made-in-house granola, and also exploring nut milks and other inventive toppings

  • Expanding our food delivery capacity to make our products more accessible for everyone (exciting new partnership ahead? Stay tuned for the announcement!)

Lastly, we can’t close out our year without a huge THANK YOU to everyone who has supported Amazebowls this past year, especially those who’ve been with us since the beginning – our dedicated Amazebowler family, partners, and customers who kept us going, one bowl at a time. We wouldn’t be where we are without you, and for that alone, we are grateful.

Cheers to a healthy and happy new year!

With love and appreciation,
Amazebowls Team

An Ode to Venice Beach

Known for its picturesque views and bohemian spirit, Venice Beach is a place that invites locals and tourists alike to create and experience a vibrant cultural hub. When our team first deliberated on a pop-up store location, we were captivated by this beach town – with its swaying palm trees, buzzing art scene, and eclectic mix of humanity – and we couldn’t help but feel like we were living in a dreamy postcard.


In 2016, we put pen to paper and officially moved into the neighborhood.

In the next two years, our Venice story unfolded through a humble pop-up storefront along Ocean Front Walk. Proudly named the “Home of the Original Coconut Bowl,” our Venice pop-up allowed us to be playful and imaginative, like a child with crayons and limitless possibilities (we literally busted out some chalk and stenciled fruit shapes and puns on our sidewalk). In many ways, Venice has taught us to dream big and to not take ourselves too seriously.

But even good things can come to an end – and after two years of serving up acai bowls in this sun-kissed town, we’re sad but excited to announce that starting this month, we’re ending our chapter in Venice and writing another amazing story elsewhere (yes to more good things ahead!).

Venice Beach community – from the bottom of our hearts, thank you for the opportunity to serve you these last two years, and for embracing our mission of making healthy eating fun and accessible for everyone. We could probably write a whole book on how you’ve made a lasting impact on us  (and thank you for capturing our time in Venice so beautifully on the ‘gram – we’ll be able to scroll through when the nostalgia hits us). We will always carry your uniqueness and free-spirited vibe with us, and we hope you’ll continue following our journey in 2019.