The Start of Coconut Acai Bowls + The Shop Up

Ever since our beautiful coconut acai bowl made it's grand debut to the world, we've received a lot questions about it's origins. When did it get started? How did the idea come up? How did you think of the toppings?

Well folks, all your answers to the questions above can be found right in this blog post. 

We were excited when the coordinators at Pop Productions NYC asked us to provide breakfast for a few moms and bloggers at The Shop Up event in Los Angeles. The timing could not have been better, as the Amazebowls team was already thinking of a variety of creative ways to display our açaí bowls beyond just clear bowls. 

The creation of our coconut acai bowl is simple. We wanted a bowl that was not only beautiful, but natural, edible, and compostable. We wanted the coconut to not distract our delicious açaí, but to complement it. Coconuts did just that. After trial and error of what toppings to use (edible flowers go with our natural theme!), learning to crack coconut (plus a few bruises), and understanding how to best place the toppings, we were ready to go to for The Shop Up.

We could not thank Pop Productions enough for their hospitality, support, and kindness. We were overwhelmed that day with the positive feedback we had from our guests. It's not just a beautiful product, but it tastes good too!

All Photos By: Nicki Sebastian