Our BSKTS Debut at Unique LA markets!

The Unique LA Market this year was special for a variety of reasons. First, it's the first Unique LA Market we've ever done and we loved it! We're always in support of working with other small businesses and engaging in their talent and craft. Second, it was the launch and debut of our BSKTS!! But, let's backtrack just a bit...

For many months, we've been working hard to launch our newest venture: BSKTS. BSKTS are carefully crafted gift baskets with brands and partners who we strongly believe in. Many of the partners in our basket are more than just their product. They believe in using the best natural ingredients for edible products, or they believe in using their brand to promote a social good. For example, a portion of every Denik notebook goes to building schools with Pencils of Promise

At our Unique LA debut, we were so excited to share our project with the world and to showcase these wonderful brands. We were overjoyed with the feedback and to learn that many of these products are brands that Amazebowlers currently use or are as fond of them as we are! 

Thank you to all those who bought a BSKT that weekend and allowing us to be a small part of helping you become a healthier and happier self. If you missed that weekend, don't worry! You can still buy a BSKT. Visit our site here to purchase: http://www.amazebowls.com/bskts/

It was a crazy two day event, but we were so happy to be a part of it. Thank you to Unique LA Markets for having us!