A Latte of Exciting New Drinks

Coffee & açai lovers unite! We’re thrilled to announce that Amazebowls is now serving, east coast coffee roasters - La Colombe - to bring you their signature cold brew and draft lattes. La Colombe has an established presence in major cities like Philadelphia, New York, and Chicago and is now gradually making its way to California. In the next year, they’ll be opening a few cafes in locations around LA including Santa Monica and Beverly Hills, but in the meantime we’re proud to be one of the first vendors to offer their products on the west coast!

Their line of canned coffees includes a selection of four different draft lattes and one pure black cold brew. Unlike your typical bottle of cold brew, La Colombe’s beverages come in a unique InnoValve can which allows nitrous oxide to produce a fresh layer of sweet and frothy foam when poured.

  • The Pure Black: A cold-pressed, double-filtered, pure iced coffee with rich cocoa flavors and a double dose of caffeine to freshen up your day

  • The Draft Latte: A delicious mix of cold-pressed espresso and nutrient-rich milk topped off with silky foam for a complete latte experience

  • Triple Draft Latte: Made with three shots of cold-pressed espresso, lactose-free milk and a touch of sugar, this one is ideal for a strong caffeine kick!

  • Mocha Draft Latte: A draft latte rich with real cocoa that pairs perfectly with the nutty, honey-sweet flavor of their medium-roast blend

  • Vanilla Draft Latte: A draft latte flavored with natural vanilla, maple, and a pinch of cane sugar for a sweet treat

These cafe-style drinks are available now at all our locations and sell for $4.50 each. Whether you’re a cold brew fanatic, procaffeinating student, or just in need of a pick-me up, we’ve got a latte for you to choose from. Next time you’re in for a bowl, be sure to grab a can!

Available at Venice, Arts District, and The Purple Truck.