Amazebowls Team Gift Guide: Under $50

We’re back again for another gift guide for your friends and loved one! We’ve rounded up another set of gifts (under $50) that are good for the planet, soul, body, and mind. Some picks are some fun fruit ones, but again, we’re Amazebowls — we can’t help ourselves! Enjoy!

Gift Guide Under 50.png
  1. Elsa’s Wholesome Life Cookbook (Amazon) - $46: We love following Elsa’s (@ellie_wholesome) worldwide travel adventures on her Instagram and we were delighted to see that she put some of her plant based recipes in a cookbook with lifestyle tips, nutrition information and wonderful imagery — just like her insta.

  2. Bento Lunchbox (Rosti Meptal) - $29: Minimize plastic ziplocs and waste by bringing your lunch in this colorful bento box! We love the different compartments for food storage!

  3. Yoga Mat ( - $32: Our friends at are some of the nicest ladies (and men!) you’ll meet, and we love their “life simply should be fun” mantras.

  4. Fruit Basket (Container Store) - $25: Store your fruit at home in this simple, yet functional piece of design you can place on your kitchen counter.

  5. Tea Towel (David Shrigley) - $45: We love artist, David Shrigley. How great is this feel good print? It makes us feel real happy. It’s a tea towel, but also a perfect piece to get framed.

  6. Ceramic Bowl (Brian Giniewski) - $50: Enjoy cereal, ice cream, your acai bowl, Amazebowls in Brian’s handmade creation, or simply use it as a catch all. The burst of colors reminds us of our bowls dripping!

  7. Banana Bath Mat (Urban Outfitters) - $39: We see bananas everywhere, all the time in our business. It only made sense to have bananas in the form of a mat in our bathrooms too.

  8. Supernatural Concentrates (Goop) - $40: Alongside what we eat, what we breathe is an incredibly crucial part of health and wellness. These concentrates are plant and mineral based cleaning solutions made with essential oils. You mix with water and you can use them in all the different areas of your house! Time to say goodbye to those nasty chemicals!

Fruit Sugar vs. Refined Sugar: What's The Difference?

In a world of nutritional guidelines and #HealthyEatingGoals, sugar often gets a bad rap. Most of these claims aren’t unfounded – studies after studies show that a significant increase in sugar intake may cause a score of health related issues, including diabetes, obesity, and health disease, among other issues.

But are all sugars created equal?

Our team recently had a conversation about whether or not fruit sugar should be lumped into other well-known sweet nothings – say, table sugar, sweeteners, honey, and juices. We decided to do some investigating and came back with the following conclusion: fruit sugar is much better for you than refined sugar – and no, they're not created equal.  

Since we’re all about making healthy eating fun and accessible, we’d love to share what we’ve learned and how we’re still keeping it real (read: good for you) with our products and ingredients. If we’ve piqued your interest, read on!

So, what is the difference between “fruit sugar” and “refined sugar”?

Let’s start here first: we acknowledge that fruit sugar and refined sugar are both, well, sugar. However, the biggest difference between fruit sugar and refined sugar lies in how our body processes, or metabolizes, it. And one is clearly more beneficial for our body and health than the other. Let’s break it down further:

Sugar Image.png

What kind of sugar do we use at Amazebowls?
We keep our bowls – the base and toppings – as clean and wholesome as possible! In other words, we only use whole fruits (and optional agave syrup topping – we’ll explain this more below). No fruit juices or any other secret ingredients, we promise.

So, about that agave. Isn’t agave considered sugar and is it even good for you?
Agave nectar (most known as agave syrup) is a popular sweetener in the natural health community, and is often touted as a healthy alternative to regular sugar. While the jury is out on whether agave is wholly and definitively a healthier substitute, the key here is moderation. When we get fruit that’s lacking taste due to season, we may add one tablespoon of agave, but never more than that – we’re serious about keeping our products with minimal non-fruit sugar.

What about your granola?
Our chocolate, peanut butter, vanilla almond granola have small amounts of brown sugar. If you want a sugar free option, we offer a sugar free granola that has zero sugar and is sweetened with just bananas. There are a couple other options to have little to no sugar for your granola topping:

1. A sugar free crunch alternative we like is using a blend of almond nuts, cacao nibs, flax seeds, and chia seeds instead of granola.

2. You can ask for light granola, or a blend of sugar free and another choice of granola. The key here is also moderation.

We are working on expanding our sugar free granola line… more to come soon!

How is Amazebowls different from other acai bowl companies?
Our mission is to make healthy eating fun and accessible for everyone – without compromising on quality and taste. This means that we only use pure form and zero sugar acai/pitaya and fresh frozen fruits in our base. We blend fruits whole as opposed to using juices, so we can maintain the fiber and nutrients in our bowls. And, we top our bowls with even more fruit, as well as other protein-based and healthy fat toppings, so our customers have a well-balanced option.

Got any other questions for us about sugar and our products? Leave us a note in our comment section or read our nutritional content Q&A here!

Amazebowls Team Gift Guide: Under $20

This holiday season, our team has put together a list of our favorite things to gift to your friends or loved one. Whether it’s a gift on self-care, exploration, or a healthy treat — this budget friendly list will be sure to put a smile on someone’s face!

Gift Guide Under $25.png
  1. Reusable Bag (Baggu) - $10: Our team are avid users of Baggu. We bring our lunch in them, we shop for fruits in them at the Studio City Farmers Market, and we use them for our groceries. They’re sturdy, washable, and super cute.

  2. Rainbow Juice and Seeds Crisps (Moon Juice) - $6: These gluten free, vegan, organic snacks are made with activated seeds and Moon Juices in three flavors, featuring beets, carrots, and leafy greens. They’re delicious and healthy!

  3. Pumpkin Spice Candle (PF Candle Co) - $16: We love this LA based candle company. This Pumpkin Spice candle brings the smell of the holidays to your home without it feeling too overpowering.

  4. Dark Chocolate Orange Crisps (Dardiman’s) - $10: It’s no secret we love California Crisps here (we top them on our coconut bowls!), but the ones dipped in chocolate is truly a treat all ages can enjoy.

  5. Vegetable Jam (Jammy Yammy) - $9: Jammy Yammy makes line of vegetable jams that are homemade, all natural, no additives, and vegan. The delicious flavoring, paired with the jam texture makes it a go to spread for bread and crackers. Our favorite is the tomato jam!

  6. Los Angeles City Guide (viction:ary) - $12: 60 local creatives take you around Los Angeles in this pocket sized map. The book covers the creative scene, architecture, art spaces, shops and markets, eating and entertainment. 

  7. Veggiesaurus Enamel Pins (Amy Ashton Designs) - $10: We love kale and dinosaurs, so how perfect is this creative match? Lettuce Raptor? Tri-carrot-tops? Genius.

  8. Motivational Water Bottle (Amazon) - $19: This motivational water bottle is fun way to remember to stay hydrated and meet your daily water intake goal. This is a fun ways to remind us to reach our goal.