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My Chemical Bowlmance

Our last bowl to be added to our family is our charcoal bowl, aptly named My Chemical Bowlmance, as it’s dark exterior reminded us of our black clothing phase (or heavy eyeliner) and the days of our youth where we would self-soothe with our favorite band playing. Luckily, this bowl tastes nothing like teenage woes and everything like yin and yang. We brought together our infamous acai blended it with strawberries, bananas, and activated charcoal to give this bowl some serious wow factor, and health benefits!

This is the bowl to grab to center yourself and find your inner calm. It tastes like strawberry acai, your favorite yoga class, and stargazing on warm summer nights. 

Available at all locations, choose as a signature bowl with preselected toppings, or really take your inner peace to the next level by adding your own unlimited toppings!


Key Ingredients

Activated Charcoal Powder
A tasteless powder made from bamboo to detoxify your body and remedy bloating

We use 100% pure organic acai from Amazon Planet with zero sugar. See more on the breakdown of the acai we use here.

To power the brain and get an instant boost of energy

To protect your heart and maintain healthy, shiny teeth