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Bowldak Yellow

Let’s put relaxation aside, and introduce you to our Bowldak Yellow. A tribute to the spicy mami, Cardi B, and her infamous song Bodak Yellow, this bowl packs a little kick to get your taste buds going and your day energized! We made a perfect blend between ginger, turmeric, and mangoes to give this bowl a fruity taste with a hint of spice. 

This is the bowl you want to grab when you need a pick me-up, or when you’re just feeling yourself and want your body to feel the self-love too! The yellow bowl tastes like a dip in the pool on a hot summer day and your sassy best friend.

Available at all locations, choose as a signature bowl with preselected toppings, or really take your spice to the next level by adding your own unlimited toppings!


Key Ingredients

Turmeric Powder
An anti-fungal property to stabilize stress hormones and to heal wounds

Fresh Ginger
To boost health in inflammation, digestion, and overall wellness

To power the brain and get an instant boost of energy 

To get your fiber boost and daily source of Vitamin C

To normalize insulin levels and combat acidity