Amazebowls Caters

We believe our passion is portable. We’ll bring a whole new bowl game to your next event! Our catering team is adaptable and specially trained to cater to your event needs, whatever they may be — private, corporate or fundraising. Our team will arrive ready to keep their eyes on the bowl and fulfill your event goals!



Select Your Catering Option:

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Bowl Drop Off

Drop Off Includes:

  • Bowls already pre-topped with fruits (3-4 fruits)

  • Granola on the side (no soggy granola!)

  • Coconut shreds and additional superfoods upon request

  • Spoons

$100 product minimum for all Drop Off orders.


Bowl Bar

Bowl Bar Includes:

  • Variety of made in house granola (3-4 flavors)

  • Fresh fruit cut on site (3-4 options)

  • Superfood toppings (3-4 options)

  • Bowltenders at your event (up to 2 hours) ready to serve!

$300 product minimum for all Bowl Bar caterings

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Truck Catering

Truck Catering Includes:

  • Full Amazebowls menu upon request

  • Our stellar Bowltender team to blend fresh bowls for you and your guests

  • Truck catering is based on availability

$1,200 product minimum for all Truck caterings