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Kale Yeah!

Kale Yeah is our first bowl with veggies, and most certainly won’t be the last. We took two of the most popular green ingredients, kale and matcha, and made a harmonious friendship between the two. Made with fresh kale and pure matcha, it’s our version of a green smoothie in a bowl. 

We also wanted to put the spotlight on one of the most underrated ingredients in this bowl, a subtle citrus kick of oranges. We’re thinking kale, matcha, and oranges is the new trio we never knew we needed, and will definitely have you saying, “Kale Yeah!” The green bowl tastes like a glass of iced water after hot yoga, in bed before 10pm, and a very, a rewarding workout.

Available at all locations, chose as a signature bowl with preselected toppings, or really take your health to its max and make your own with unlimited toppings!

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Key Ingredients

Fresh Kale
To aid digestion and boost your Vitamin A, C, and K

Matcha Powder
To strengthen metabolism and improve concentration

To power the brain and get an instant boost of energy 

To support kidneys and balance your body’s pH

Squeeze of Lemon 
To wake you up and cleanse your liver