Our Product

Thick. Smooth. Creamy, Fun and Fresh. We use only organic, pure, unsweetened açaí. Dairy-Free, with no refined sugar. Our granola is made in-house. Our fruit is always seasonal. No concentrated juice. No words you can’t pronounce. No secrets. Everything made to order — right in front of you.


What’s Inside?

Our Process

Our process is effortful and full of care. We bust our bowls to get it just right! To us, that means sourcing fruit locally and from farmers’ markets. We don’t ever compromise on quality of ingredients for cheaper cost. We make it a point to partner up with people who feel as passionately as we do about creating produce and products that nourish.

When you come to Amazebowls, this is how your bowl is made:

  1. All bowls are made fresh, so once your order is placed, a Bowltender will begin on your bowl. Fruit (and a dash of hemp milk) is put in a blender, and blended until we get the texture just right.

  2. Out of the blender, comes a thick, creamy texture of your nutritious base.

  3. Your bowl is topped with the superfoods, fruits and granola you’ve selected and personalized!

  4. Eat, enjoy, and know that the food you’re putting in your body is GOOD for you!

Food that feels good — for us, for the community, and for you.